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The Research Society for American Periodicals (RSAP)
cropped-magstandjpg1The RSAP is an interdisciplinary organization of scholars interested in American magazines and newspapers. Founded in 1991, the organization was established to offer scholars in American literature and culture, and all interested persons, an opportunity to share in the study and appreciation of American periodicals. Through its annual meetings, scholarly panels, special symposia, miscellaneous publications, and this website, RSAP provides a medium of communication among interested scholars and expands the possibilities of scholarly and critical study of an important part of American literary and cultural history. Activities of the Research Society for American Periodicals include publishing the scholarly journal American Periodicals.

The American Periodicals Journal
AP_coverAmerican Periodicals
is the official publication of the Research Society for American Periodicals, is devoted exclusively to scholarship and criticism relating to American magazines and newspapers of all periods. It includes essays, notes, reviews, bibliographies, and histories on all aspects of American periodicals, from the earliest 18th-century magazines to 21st-century ‘zines and e-journals. American Periodicals invites scholarly essays treating any aspect of American periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and other periodical publications) from any historical period. Submissions that treat topics such as editorial policy, financing, production, readership, design, illustration, and circulation of specific periodicals are welcome, as are those that explore the position of American periodicals within the broader culture. In particular, we welcome articles that, like the periodicals themselves, cross the boundaries of several disciplines and explore the complex ways that periodicals have shaped, and have been shaped by, American culture.

European Society for Periodical Research (ESPRit)
espirit-logo220x150ESPRit, the European Society for Periodical Research, was founded in 2009 by a group of periodical researchers from Austria, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Scotland, and the United States. The aim of the organization is to unite the resources of individual scholars from various disciplines who work with periodicals. Researchers throughout Europe find periodicals of their own and other nations indispensable resources for understanding such practices as the reception of literature, the segmentation of markets, shifts from reading of newspapers in public venues to domestic consumption of news, gender issues in reading, and the development of literary nationalisms. Although many of these scholars explore similar issues, they tend to work in isolation and lack a combined perspective. ESPRit aims to provide a platform for periodical researchers through its website, listserv, conferences and digital magazine.

Journal of European Periodical Studies (JEPS)
indexThe Journal of European Periodical Studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed online journal devoted to the study of periodicals and newspapers in Europe from the seventeenth century to the present. It publishes research from a broad range of critical, theoretical and methodological perspectives, including, but not limited to, cultural history, literary studies, art history, gender studies, media studies, history of science and digital humanities. In recent decades, increasing numbers of scholars working in these and other disciplines across the humanities have explored the periodical press as a key site for cultural production, public debate and the dissemination of knowledge. Nevertheless, the study of magazines, newspapers, journals and other forms of periodical publication is still a fragmented field. Much research remains to be done on the interactions among these traditions and the development of the periodical press over the long term. As the official journal of ESPRit, the European Society for Periodical Research, the Journal of European Periodical Studies offers scholars a forum for sharing their research and exchanging ideas across disciplinary borders.

The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies (JMPS)
img_LG_JMPSThe Journal of Modern Periodical Studies is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the academic study of modern periodicals—by which we mean periodicals published roughly in the period from 1880 to 1950, whether they are aggressively modernist or anti-modernist, popular or elite, mass circulation or specialized, long-lasting or brief. Daily newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, and irregularly published little magazines are all part of the field covered by this journal. The journal publishes full-length articles, shorter notes and comments, bibliographies, biographical essays, review of books, digital projects, research archives, and other such significant scholarly resources.

Réseaux de recherche

Transfopress (Réseau transnational pour l’étude de la presse en langues étrangères)
61de39_21465f34fbf345d78187da604c91ca8cLe réseau international de chercheurs Transfopress se fixe pour objet la promotion d’un objet patrimonial matériel totalement délaissé, tant en France que dans quasiment tous les autres pays du monde : la presse publiée dans des langues autres que la ou les langues nationales. Il propose, ainsi, de renouveler l’écriture de l’histoire de la presse, mais également celle de la construction des identités et des cultures nationales.

Network of American Periodical Studies
cropped-magsThe Network of American Periodical Studies (NAPS) is a new research initiative, set up by Sue Currell (Sussex University) and Victoria Bazin (Northumbria University) that aims to bring together scholars working on American periodicals (magazines, newspapers and other periodical publications) from any historical period. NAPS brings together scholars from a range of historical periods in order to stimulate further dialogue about how we study periodicals and why we study periodicals. The network focuses on research on American periodicals, given the transnational nature of magazine and newspaper circulation, we anticipate that scholars working on periodicals from around the world may well find NAPS a useful network for identifying synergies and connections between America and non-American print cultures.

Women in Magazines
1950vogueWomen in Magazines is a network of scholars and practitioners interested in the relationship between women and magazines, broadly defined. This includes depictions of women in magazines as well as women’s varied roles as readers, contributors and producers of magazines and magazine content. Members come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and investigate a broad time period from the late eighteenth century to the present day. The purpose of the network is to allow members to share information (Call for Papers, new publications etc.) and to draw upon each other’s knowledge of the field (for example, requesting suggestions of secondary literature on a particular topic).

Network of Researchers: Movies, Magazines, Audiences (NoRMMA)
11205150_1440484656252418_8313368975464437723_nNoRMMA is an international research network situated at the University of Kent but open to all scholars interested in fan and film magazines and their position as a meeting ground between industry and audiences. We aim to show the value of researching popular publications.

L’appareil des apparences, carnet de recherche d’Alexie Geers
s-l300Ce carnet a accompagné mon travail de thèse en histoire visuelle et culturelle intitulé « Le sourire et le tablier. La construction médiatique du féminin dans Marie-Claire de 1937 à nos jours ». Il me permet aujourd’hui de partager mes recherches en cours. Créé sur, ce carnet de recherche participe à l’agrégation Culture Visuelle sur Hypothèses !


Projets d’archives numérisées

The Modernist Journals Project
Capture d_écran 2017-07-10 à 12.46.02The Modernist Journals Project is a multi-faceted project that aims to be a major resource for the study of modernism and its rise in the English-speaking world, with periodical literature as its central concern. The historical scope of the project has a chronological range of 1890 to 1922, and a geographical range that extends to wherever English language periodicals were published. With magazines at its core, the MJP also offers a range of genres that extends to the digital publication of books directly connected to modernist periodicals and other supporting materials for periodical study.

The Pulp Magazine Project
foreground.jpgThe Pulp Magazines Project is an open-access archive and digital research initiative for the study and preservation of one of the twentieth century’s most influential print culture forms: the all-fiction pulpwood magazine. The Project also provides information and resources on publishing history, multiple search and discovery platforms, and an expanding library of high-quality, cover-to-cover digital facsimiles.
The Pulp Magazine Archives :

Digitizing Medical Journals of State Societies
Capture d_écran 2017-07-10 à 13.24.38The New York Academy of Medicine Library is digitizing state society medical journals as part of a mass digitization project with the Medical Heritage Library (MHL), a digital curation consortium. The Academy Library is one of five collaborators on the project, along with the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University; the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland; the Founding Campus; and the University of California at San Francisco. Together, the MHL team is actively working to digitize 48 state society journals, more than 3,800 volumes that span much of the 20th century. Digitizing the state medical journals will provide open access to quality historical resources in medicine for researchers and the general public, letting them explore connections between medicine and society.
The Medical Journals Archives : historical periodicals
The website is intended to provide convenient access to a large quantity of high-quality content material, mostly published over the last 150 years in America and England, including both articles and books, encompassing over one million readable items and titles of another million items not readable due to copyright. Much of this material has never previously been available anywhere on the Internet and should be useful for researchers and intellectual historians.

Radical America Magazine Digital Project
rad_stackA digital edition of Radical America, a product of the campus-based New Left of the late 1960s, specifically the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), but the magazine long outlived its seedbed. Its trajectory illustrates the effort to place an intellectual stamp on the radical impulses of the late twentieth century. Project developed and hosted by The Center for Digital Scholarship, a cross-departmental group in the Brown University Library.